Important notes for authors

Notes to authors

What and where to send

Abstracts or Simposiums will be prepared through a document with these sections, and then be submitted online through the submission platform (ConfTool system), where the data of the authors will be recorded. Documents sent by email cannot be accepted.

Need for registration and payment

All authors of accepted proposals must be registered and at least one of them must be present during the online conference. In case of any inconvenience or emergency that affects attendance at the conference, the authors must immediately notify the conference coordinator:


The process for the selection of communications will be carried out through an open process of submission and blind peer review, under the coordination of the Scientific Committee. By applying a blind peer review process, the submitted document should not contain any reference to the author, or other information that can identify him.

Presentation of live communication

The accepted communications will be presented online live through a videoconference platform, at the time set in the congress program, the authors will receive detailed information to facilitate digital connections.


Only the people registered in the congress and up to date with the registration payment will be certified.

More relevant information

The number of presentations is limited to 2 per person.

The presentation of complete documents will not be required, only the requested sections.

Conference documents will not be published.

Review criteria

Abstracts and proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Originality. Each contribution must be an original work not submitted or published before.

Related topic. Proposals must be related in some way to the general theme of the congress: Science, Feminism and Masculinities.

Word Limit. Proposals that exceed the word limit will be rejected.

Peer review. All proposals will be reviewed by peers anonymously (double blind). Therefore, abstracts should not contain self-references.

Presentation language

The organization of the congress does not establish any limitation on the language in which a communication can be presented. It will be necessary to notify in advance in which language the communication is going to be presented so that it can be published in the program and all people are notified.

Contact us with any questions or concerns

Contact us with any questions or concerns